5 Favorites: San Diego Comic Con 2014 Moments

Everybody knows San Diego’s annual Comic Con is the place for movie studios and franchises to make big announcements and/or reveals and this years geek fest is no different.  With that crazy weekend out of the way let’s take a look at some of the most notable information released thus far in the form of my five favorite moments.

5) Masters of the Web Panel

As of last year this panel at Comic Con is supposed to be an annual thing and I hope that’s the case.  What it does is take some of the most popular movie related online personalities around the web and bring them all together for a panel based on a specific subject with a special guest.  Last year they focused on horror movies and at this past Comic Con they discussed the status of comic book movies today, along with Arrow villain star Manu Bennett.  The panel consisted of John Campea, John Scnepp, Christain Harloff (all from AMC Movie News), along with Mark Ellis of Schmoes Know, Tiffany Smith from Fandango, and Jeremy Jahns (youtube personality) .  It’s a pretty cool panel and definitely worth checking out here:


4) Avenger’s: Age of Ultron Footage Revealed along with Character Posters

Normally this type of information would be at the top of my list but having there been so many goods released at this past Comic Con it ended up being only the fourth most exciting thing I’ve heard. Kevin Feige apparently revealed some interesting footage from the upcoming Avenger’s sequel. Descriptions of the footage have been removed from most of the sites I’ve read it on but if you dig deep I’m sure you can find it.  All I can say is it involves some of the male Avengers chatting around Stark (or Avengers) tower and debating the status of Thor’s hammer and whether or not either of them can pick it up.  Also coming from Marvel were several individual character posters that ended up being a part of one huge poster involving all the characters. Check it out below!


Marvel also announced that they will indeed be moving forward with a Guardians of the Galaxy sequel that is set to be released July 28, 2017.  This is interesting considering they announced this before the first movie was released but it was tracking to do great at the box office and received a ton of positive reviews before its release.

3) Antman Footage Revealed and Character Information


I know, I know! How do I have Ant-Man information ranked above some Avengers footage?  Well, let me explain.  I have been turned into an Ant-Man fan through doing research on the character and watching animated Avengers television shows that portray the character as well.  Ever since they announced a film was in the works I’ve been super excited, so you can imagine how stoked I was when I read about the test footage they showed at Comic Con.  Apparently the footage is all CG and involves Pual Rudd as Scott Lang in the Antman gear while Michael Douglas’ Hank Pym is communicating to him through the helmet.  There are some more details but I did not see the footage so therefore cannot speak much on it.

2) John Schnepp’s Death of Superman Lives: What Happened Trailer Premiere

For most who didn’t know (like myself before I heard of John Schnepp- best known as co-host on AMC Movie Talk’s youtube channel) there was a Superman movie in the works in the 90’s that would’ve been titled Superman Lives.  Nicolas Cage would’ve starred in it as Superman while Tim Burton was set up to direct.  Nobody (including myself) isn’t really informed as to “what happened” in detail as to why the movie didn’t get made. Schnepp is currently putting this documentary together and revealed the first trailer at comic con 2014.  Check it out below!


This trailer looks amazing in my opinion and I cannot wait until it is released so I can finally find out, “What Happened!”

1) Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice Footage Revealed with Wonder Woman Picture

Now DC hands-down won me over with the few reveals that they made at comic con.  First we saw a picture from DC/ Warner Bros. that finally showed us what Gal Gadot will look like in the Wonder Woman costume.


Needless to say, she looks hot and very warrior-like as well which is the perfect combination you want to see in your Wonder Woman.

The other information revealed was a very small snippet of some footage from Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. I actually was able to see the footage (in very bad quality) while it was still floating around online.  You might still be able to find it but here’s a description courtesy of cinemablend.com :

“Batman on a rooftop. Takes cover off of the bat signal. Turns it on. Light shines to the sky. Rain pouring down. Lightning then reveals superman floating in the sky with eyes glowing red.

Batman stares at him glowering. Batman’s suit is more like armor. With glowing white eyes. ”


As you can tell this footage is just a small sample but at least we got something from the highly anticipated film which is far from a year away, almost two years!  According to multiple people familiar with the comic book story line titled The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller, this armored Batman and angry Superman getting ready to fight is right out of the comics and it looks like we are getting the ultimate showdown everybody wants and expects from Batman v. Superman. 

I feel like a little kid considering how excited I am for this movie and all of the upcoming comic book films being released in the next several years.  It’s a great time to be a comic book movie fan and being able to have the inside scoop on things from comic con.  Hopefully we’ll get some more news from other properties being released soon but all the comic con reveals should keep us film nerds talking for weeks to come.  What did you guys think of all the comic con reveals and what were some of your favorites? Express your thoughts in the comment section!

sources: cinemablend.com , entertainment weekly


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