'Deadpool' Movie Test Footage Becomes Official

DeadpoolJust a few days ago, a video showing footage of a possible Deadpool movie was leaked through the web. At the time, it wasn’t official and nobody knew if it was for a new video game or for an actual movie. Want to know how we all figured out that it was for a movie? First, Fox officially released the footage in HD and two, Ryan Reynolds is the voice!

The video is now out there in HD giving us a much better look at the footage. It is in 3D concept right now (more video game type), but it looks damn awesome AND Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool (he has said many times he wants to do a movie on the character).

This is just a bit of footage, but this is exactly what a Deadpool movie is suppose to be like. This is what we call ‘Hard R.’ He is talking to the audience, cutting heads off, using cruel language, everything we love about the character! There is literally no other way to make a movie on this character. If this turns out to be a stepping stone towards an actual movie, then this step is absolutely in the right direction, especially with bringing Reynolds back to play him.

Quite honestly, this was an extremely smart move by Fox and those who own the rights to the character. I for one believe that this footage wasn’t just ‘leaked’, I think it was done on purpose to see how people would react to it. The reaction was absolutely phenomenal as everyone who knows the character has been begging for a movie. This guy deserves a movie a hundred times over again and if this ends up being real, then the merc with a mouth may finally be headed to the big screen.

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