1st Poster revealed for Marvel’s Ant-Man

For awhile it look like Marvel’s Ant-Man film was on the fast lane toward becoming another big hit for the Disney owned studio. Edgar Wright was set to direct the solo superhero film and talents like actors Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas, and Patrick Wilson were signed on to the project. Then suddenly after 8 years committed toward making his vision for the Ant-Man character a reality, Director Edgar Wright completely dropped out over creative differences. For weeks, movie sites were reporting rumors over potential Directors taking over the project, some close to signing and others who weren’t even in the discussion. Eventually, Marvel announced that Director Peyton Reed will take over the project with Adam McKay as a screenwriter. Aside from the test footage shown at Comic Con a few years back, we now have our first look at Ant-Man. Here’s an official pre-production poster released by Marvel Studios (courtesy of Entertainment Weekly)¬†exclusively for Comic Con.


You know for studio that many comic book fans claimed as one that’s against creativity and one that doesn’t know what they’re doing, this is a great looking poster. Highlighting Ant-Man’s size shifting abilities will give people a visualization of what the character is capable of. The miniature size Ant-Man seen riding a flying ant, with others surrounding him hints at the characters communication abilities with the insects. Though the superhero may look tiny at times, he still packs a powerful punch. In the background are the faces of Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas, who in this version of Ant-Man will be playing characters Scott Lang and Hank Pym.

In the comics, Hank Pym (Douglas) is the original creator of the Ant-Man suit and a main player in founding The Avengers. However, in this version Hank Pym is the creator of the suit and Scott Lang (Rudd) is a thief who steals the suit for selfish, yet honest purposes. Seeing the good in Scott Lang, Hank Pym gives him the suit with the condition being to put it to use for good. The film will revolve around Scott Lang and his adventures as Ant-Man.

The release of this poster hints that we may see more as Comic Con enters the weekend. With a July 2015 release date, this is Marvel Studios chance to make a statement toward a crowd full of their most loyal fans.

What do you think of this poster for Marvel’s Ant-Man? Hate it or Love it? Express your thoughts in the comments. Thanks for reading.

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