Throwback Thursday: 2013 SDCC SuperPanels

Comic-Con has now become the event for every major studio (film and television) to release news for fans around the world. Whether it’s Thursday or Saturday, big news hits every day and it’s an event that has become huge not just for those in California, but for the entire country. Now that this year’s SDCC has begun, let’s take a look back at last year’s panels for the two juggernauts Marvel and DC and the day that may have changed superhero cinema forever. 

Marvel LogoAt this time last year, Marvel had already finished Phase One of their Cinematic Universe. Something they have been planning for a very long time and in my eyes, executed perfectly every single step of the way. They have managed to take whats on the pages of their comics and put it right on screen. Yeah it may be altered a bit to fit the screen, but the continuity and ‘comic book like universe’ they’ve created with their characters has changed the way a lot of people will look at and make movies.

We figured that Marvel would be bringing their superhero team-up antics back to the Con last year. After one of the greatest movies ever made in Marvel’s The Avengers, it was no-brainer. Yeah, we got to see footage of IM3, Thor 2, and Cap 2, but we all wanted to see what was going to be brought for A2 – oh and it was brought.

'The Avengers: Age of Ultron' LogoMarvel Studios, Kevin Feige, Joss Whedon, and Tom Hiddleston (as Loki) came on stage and put together an unexpected teaser for the crowd of Hall H. The teaser wasn’t any footage of the new movie as it wasn’t in production yet, but it was voice clips from previous movies as we watched an Iron Man helmet be bashed and banged around until finally, until finally it was revealed that it was being banged into the ultimate AI known as Ultron – one of the Avengers greatest nemesis. And as the logo appeared, The Avengers: Age of Ultron, the crowd erupted with excitement and freak-outness that Whedon would be bringing (at least some) one of the greatest Avengers story arcs to the big screen. Check out a video of the announcement below.

I get chills watching this video, as soon as the title is unveiled and the crowd goes insane – oh so awesome! The Age of Ultron comic arc is one of my all-time favorites. Now unfortunately I think we all knew that the exact book wouldn’t work. One, because it involves Wolverine (owned by FOX) and two, it is set in a futuristic apocalyptic world that Ultron and his minions have destroyed. Now, it could happen if Marvel decided to jump years into the future, but it just basically wasn’t going to happen. After the incredible and massive A1, Marvel had to make it bigger, darker, and a but more personal this time around to top what A1 did. I’m a believer in that this storyline will do just that.

Following The Dark Knight Rises in 2012, Warner Bros./DC finally had the chance to jump on the bandwagon and (finally) start what Marvel has, quite frankly, been crushing them in. They needed to get their DCU on track and going towards a Justice League movie and they did exactly that with Man of Steel. It was set to open in June before SDCC and it was a huge hit. Not only bringing a very different version of Superman (I liked him), but easter egging the crap out of the movie (7 on my count) and creating a universe within a 2 and a half hour span.

It was obvious that Warner Bros./DC were creating something like the MCU, but nobody really knew what it was or when it was going to happen. We didn’t know if DC really had anything planned that with have the continuity and connection that the MCU does. We didn’t know which characters they were going to use or how long it would take, we just had no idea even though Man of Steel was a step in the right direction for a cinematic universe. That all changed at last year’s SDCC.

'Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice' Official LogoThe DC panel was going through and it was all about to finish, until Zack Snyder chimed in and wanting to add just one more thing. He was beating around the bush on something, basically dragging all of us along until he brought up Harry Lennix n stage to ‘read something’ as Snyder put it. Now, for those who have read and know the story – we knew what Lennix was reading but we didn’t make much of it. Until the moment he finished, the room went dark, and maybe the biggest movie logo in history appeared. Yeah, you know what Im talking about. If you don’t, then check it out!

Now I never got a chance to read any of the Bats/Supes team-ups or battles, but I got the chance to watch The Dark Knight Returns – Part 1 & 2 and holy crap I can’t wait to see what a live-action version of that is like. If Batman V Superman is able to have the same tone as Man of Steel, it will fit so perfectly. Since then we have seen the announcement of Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne/Batman, a ton more castings for major characters, the reveal of Batman’s new look and ride and a look at Superman in BVS (I am on the ‘major love’ side of having Affleck as Batman). And his new look, WOW.

But back to the first announcement, in my eyes there are two announcements that compete with each other. One is when Marvel brought the Avengers on stage together for the first time back before the movie to share the first ever footage and to talk about the first ever superhero team-up. And two is Warner Bros./DC’s unveil of BVS last year. They may not have had the actors and actresses on stage to talk and show footage, but they showed a logo that would lead into having the two biggest and most popular superheroes ever on screen together – battling against each before becoming team members. Not only that, but it pretty much guaranteed that Warner Bros./DC was planning a universe of their own and that it was coming.

Now that we have had a year to sulk all this in and the movies are both still a while a way, what could possibly happen this year? Oh let me think, the announcement of new characters for all those release dates that have been coming out. First images or looks at Wonder Woman and other characters from BVS, first footage for Age of Ultron, and much more. Stay tune for many more announcements and news on this year’s SDCC!

What are your thoughts on last year’s SDCC? Does it go down as the best ever for comic book movie madness? Which one did you enjoy more? Comment below!

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