I Have a Small Problem with ‘The Expendables 3’ Being PG-13

the-expendables-2-wallpapers Why does a film like “The Expendables” exist? Well, it started with “Sylvester Stallone” coming up with an idea to have a bunch of action stars, mainly from the 80’s and partial 90’s , come together to do an old fashion action flick. See with today’s technology in visual effects, you don’t need those big muscular macho men that you had in the 80’s and 90’s for an action film. Granted, you have stars like “Dwayne Johnson” who I see as a combination of a past and present action star with his size, charisma, and star power. Something a majority of the actors in this cast have been trying to get back with audiences in recent years. So the creative Stallone was able to bring together one hell of a cast for the first Expendables film. Though he wasn’t able to get everyone on his list for the first film, including Expendables 3 actor “Wesley Snipes“, or people on my list (Steven Seagal) he instead found replacements like “Jason Statham” and “Terry Crews“. For the most part, it all worked out fine for “The Expendables 1 & 2”. The films were Rated R action flicks, that certainly were not the best films, but they were fun popcorn flicks. Just like films in the 80’s and 90’s that we still have fun watching today. We got to see these veteran action stars guns blazing, blood splattering everywhere and kicking ass. Unfortunately, it’s a different Hollywood industry today. Fun films won’t matter if there isn’t money to be made. 80s-action-heroes.preview Stallone has gone on record saying he wants to open these films to a wider audience. He feels he owes it to the next generation. That’s all good and thoughtful, but I don’t think this next generation of kids will go back and watch action flicks that you and others did in your prime. I hope I’m wrong, films like “Predator“, “First Blood“, “Bloodsport” “Die Hard” and a lot others were awesome. But in this age, Comic Book films, reboots and remakes of the 80’s, films with CGI and motion capture is the hot thing in today’s action films. Not only that, we cannot ignore that Hollywood is all about making money which is understandable. Though the second Expendables made more internationally, it also dropped domestically. That said, the PG-13 rating is mainly the studio wanting to make more money. The rating will kind of defeat the purpose of these films. Stallone and company were R rated action stars in most of their best films. These Expendables films were an escape from today’s overload of PG-13 action films that would have been better with an R rating. Don’t get me wrong I’m still gonna watch “The Expendables 3“. The latest trailer (see below) looks amazing, The cast is better than ever with “Mel Gibson“, “Harrison Ford“, “Antonio Banderas“, “Kelsey Grammar” and the just beautiful “Ronda Rousey“.

  I know deep down inside Stallone that you wish this upcoming film could be Rated R. But cheer up, you can get away with a lot more these days with a PG-13 than you could in say, your younger days.   “The Expendables 3” hits theaters on August 15, 2014  

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