New “Foxcatcher” poster – Channing Tatum as Olympic Wrestler

The story of “Foxcatcher” is remarkable and tragic. A real life Olympic wrestler champ Mark Schultz (Tatum) and his gold medalist brother Dave Schultz (Mark Ruffalo) cross paths with millionaire John Du Pont (Steve Carell). The Schultz brothers agree to train at Du Pont’s state of the art wrestling facility. Seeing that Du Point is passionate about the sport of wrestling, Mark develops a friendship with him. After awhile, it’s revealed that Du Pont is a paranoid schizophrenic, which leads all three men down a dark path toward unlikely circumstances.

The film was shown at this year’s Cannes Film Festival and received high praise. Director Bennett Miller even earned himself Best Director Award at the festival. “Foxcatcher” won’t be released until November of this year. So far we’ve only had just a teaser trailer, but now we have our first official poster focusing on “Channing Tatum“.


The poster itself is as serious as Tatum’s face expression. The Olympic wrestler standing in front of a darkened American flag is very fitting from what we seen so far in the trailer. Those of you wondering why Tatum’s face looks a bit off, it’s because he’s wearing a lot of prosthetic makeup. Since he’s portraying an Olympic wrestler, the make up looks great, especially his left ear. This could be the film that gives “Channing Tatum” some Academy Award recognition.

Considering the work Director Bennett Miller has done on “Moneyball” and “Capote“, they are calling this film his best work. Everything I’ve seen so far is suggesting that to be true. I have no choice but to wait (painfully) and see.

“Foxcatcher” comes out November 14, 2014


What does this poster tell you about the film? Do you like this first poster? Express your thoughts in the comments below! Thanks for reading.

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