“Foxcatcher” Teaser Trailer #2

Seconds after watching this new teaser trailer for “Foxcatcher” I got up from my computer seat and started walking around. The teaser trailer got me feeling all hyped and ready to see this movie. What an amazing trailer! I have never seen “Channing Tatum” be so intense in a role. Punching himself in the face and smashing his head into a mirror multiple times. Tatum actually revealed in an interview that the mirror smashing sequence was all real, including the blood. I guess that’s what made that last part feel so intense. His character is ready to do anything for the gold medal at the Olympics.  But enough about Tatum, how creepy was “Steve Carell” toward Tatum after hearing his desire to win gold. I’ve said it before, Carell looks so unrecognizable. After recently watching Carell in the film “The Way Way Back“, I cannot wait to see him in a dramatic role again. He’s really good playing these type of roles.

Du Pont

The trailer itself doesn’t tell audiences much. “An Olympic wrestler is mentored by a passionate yet strange figure. The wrestler’s brother has doubts about the man’s intentions. As their success rises, so does the tension between the characters.” It’s still a teaser trailer, but you get the feel of the film’s tone by the performances, music and setting. Those who enjoyed films like “Moneyball” and “Capote” will be happy to learn that “Foxcatcher” is directed by the same guy, “Bennett Miller“.

Based on the true story of Olympic Wrestler Mark Schultz and his brother, Olympic Champion Dave Schultz.


“Foxcatcher” will be in theaters November 14, 2014

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