What the heck happened to you Shia LaBeouf?


This past week I’ve been reading some sad stories on an actor who I thought had a very promising and long career ahead of him, Shia Labeouf. First the young star was reportedly picking a fight with a man outside of a strip club in NYC. Then a week later he gets escorted out and arrested during a Broadway performance of “Cabaret”. Labeouf was reportedly spitting and shouting “I’ll f**k you up” at the police. It’s pretty obvious that the actor is having a mental breakdown of some sort. I think it’s great that he’s decided to go into rehab early Monday morning. Though this may not be his first time checking into rehab, keep in mind that it’s never an easy thing for someone to do. Looking back at his recent trouble with the law over the years I asked the question. What the heck happened to you Shia Labeouf?

Shia’s acting career kicked off at an early age. He received his first big break starring as one of the main characters in Disney’s TV show “Even Stevens”. His performance in the show earned him a Daytime Emmy Award in 2003. That same year Shia starred in his first widely released film, Disney’s “Holes”. It was the same film that caught my attention, as far as Shia Labeouf’s acting capabilites. I was a huge fan of the book. The years following his big screen debut, Shia starred in supporting roles in films like “I Robot” and “Constantine”. In 2005, he was the lead actor in “The Greatest Game Ever Played”. The film was about a talented young amateur golfer competing in the U.S. Open against the world’s best and overcoming great odds. It’s one of my favorite sports films and a great performance from Shia.



In 2007,  Shia Labeouf had his breakout year being cast as the lead in Michael Bay’s “Transformers”. The film skyrocketed Shia’s popularity as more people began recognizing what Director Steven Spielberg recognized, his talent. Once “Transformers” released, that’s when Shia’s career in the fast lane began. Starring in big films like “Indiana Jones 4”, “Eagle Eye”, “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps” and two “Transformers” follow up films. Before “Indiana Jones” stunk up the box office,  it was speculated whether or not “Shia Labeouf” would take over that franchise. I used to have conversations with my friends about once famous Disney stars that made bad decisions and fell off. We all thought Shia Labeouf wouldn’t become one of them, sadly we were wrong.



I found this timeline of Shia’s legal trouble on MTV’s site. It pretty much sums up an hours worth of info I was collecting to share with you. At least half of these incidents involved Shia being intoxicated. Doing research I learned that as a kid he attended AA classes with his father. The word alcohol was very much present throughout his childhood. How he was able to keep alcohol away from his teenage years when he got an early start is remarkable. But after he turned 21 in 2007 is when it gets a bit messy for him. Previously mentioned, it was around the time his career really took off, I can only imagine the limelight can sometimes be too difficult for people to handle.

Receiving too much attention to the point of no privacy can be tough. I see videos all over the internet showing paparazzi (TMZ) getting up in these celebrities faces. They will say things over and over again to get a reaction out of you and they won’t stop. The worst part is, it’s completely legal. Also, when a guy like Steven Spielberg is giving you high praise I can imagine filmmakers lining up to work with you. After all, Spielberg doesn’t need an introduction and is widely respected by filmmakers for his work and innovation. Having an overloaded work schedule in the Hollywood industry can also be bad. We have seen celebrities breakdown and turn to negative substances when life becomes too much. Some fortunately end up taking their own life, sometimes accidentally, in the process.




I don’t know what goes on in Shia Labeouf’s personal life. We can only read stories with the possibility of the content being completely true or inaccurate. I just hope the guy can get his life back in order because he truly is talented and I enjoy his work. His next appearance will be in the film “Fury” coming out this November.


Feel free to express your thoughts, respectfully. Thanks for reading!

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  1. My first impression of Shia was from the second season of Project Greenlight, and he just seemed like a punk in the edited pieces that were shown. Not terribly impressed with his acting with a couple of exceptions (transformers one and Wall Street 2) where he was portraying awkward and/or punky. For my money, he’s very believable in that acting range. But that’s just my opinion. As far as the personal stuff, who knows what demons he has had to contend with to get where he is today. I can’t imagine.

    • Great comment. I have not seen Project Greenlight, but I have heard that they are maybe bringing it back. I thought Shia was great alongside Michael Douglas in Wall Street 2.

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