The Ultimate Transformers Mash-Up Trailer

Optimus PrimeThe Transformers franchise is one of the most popular and easily biggest money-making franchises. The franchise is what many of us grew up on reading and watching as kids. It’s one of those properties that can be enjoyed and loved by all ages and generations. With the release of Age of Extinction last weekend, JoBlo Movie Network has taken it into their hands to put all the movies together into one pretty awesome and badass trailer, check it out. 

Bumblebee in 'Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen'These movies may not be great at times and whether or not you like them or not, you have to admit they are pretty damn entertaining. Come on people, it’s about giant robots who transform into some badass rides battling it out on a global scale. The movies were never going to have Oscar worthy writing or screenplay, the movies are meant to entertain with a universe that can literally go on forever. The movies are made to entertain with their massive scale of fighting and explosions and wow us with it’s special effects.

Battle of Chicago in 'Transformers: Dark of the Moon'I’ve been a huge fan of this franchise almost all my life, I’ve read and watched many many things. And even though I want these movies to be good in each dimension like what Marvel has done with it’s superheroes, once the second movie came out I knew that wasn’t going to happen. And I’ll admit that I’m okay with that. There isn’t going to be a Scorsese or Nolan who directs these movies – it’s a Michael Bay who doesn’t care about the critics and goes out there to entertain, isn’t that why we go to the movies?

Crosshairs in 'Transformers: Age of Extinction'This trailer below includes all four movies (so far) and there are very few words, the words are basically the best comedic moments. But as for everything else in the trailer, it brings together all the best action scenes. Every Autobot, every Decepticon, every battle that has mattered and amazed through the movies. As I said before, the movies may not be on that ‘overall’ good movie level, but this trailer displays why these movies are among some of the best movie entertainment out there. Also, I become a 10 year old with goosebumps again while watching it!

JoBlo Movie Trailers


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