“Beasts of No Nation” – Idris Elba looks menacing

“Beasts of No Nation” tells the story of a young boy in an unnamed West African nation. As civil war floods his country, the boy is forced into a unit of guerilla fighters led by a terrifying commander (Idris Elba). After being raised in life of school, church and family, the young boy struggles with the lifestyle of war. After witnessing his father shot down by ruthless military men, the boy has no choice but to adapt. It’s starts with the commander having the boy kill an unarmed citizen that leads him down a life of acts of war and terror.

From Director Cary Fukunaga comes the war drama “Beasts of No Nation”. The film is written by Fukunaga, which is based off the novel from author Uzodinma Iweala. You may recognize Director Fukunaga, who directed the entire first season of True Detective. Having him attached as director, along with a talent like Elba, who is starring and producing, brings me much enthusiasm for this project. The first photo for the film was released recently.




This photo released for “Beasts of No Nation” highlights Elba’s commander character. Right away by looking at his expression, I can tell this guy is ruthless and terrifying. The soldiers around him that are under his command look no different. Elba in this photo reminds me of the military commander from the film “Tears of the Sun“. That character (played by Peter Mensah) was so merciless toward local villagers. Seeing Idris Elba play a villain is both exciting and new to me. The story itself is very sad and intense, just from what the boy is put through both from the war and the commander.

The film is currently in production in Ghana with no set release date.



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