Brad Pitt re-enlists for upcoming “Fury”

“War never ends quietly” says the brand new poster (see below) for Director David Ayer‘s war film titled “Fury“. That saying could never be more true, especially for a film that revolves around Pitt’s “Wardaddy” character who leads a tank unit behind enemy lines in Germany. “Fury” takes place in 1945, during that time (Nazi) Germany was basically hell for ally soldiers. As Wardaddy and company lead their tank into Germany, they are outnumbered and faced with immense odds.




The poster headlines Brad Pitt, who in a previous article I wrote being one of the few names in Hollywood who can still make a difference at the Box Office. I buy just about anything that Brad Pitt is in these days, his performances are incredible.  Not to mention his films he is attached to as a producer. “Fury” takes place during World War II, which is Brad Pitt’s second film where he takes on Nazis (Inglorious Basterds).

The first trailer for “Fury” has finally released. The trailer establishes Pitt and his crew’s duties. We get a bit of insight into what they’ve been through with this war that started in Africa all the way to Germany. The battle tested crew welcomes a rookie to their unit and right away is shown the ropes. Pitt demonstrates true leadership throughout the trailer. He realizes orders are orders in the military and has to do what it takes to make the rookie fit in his crew, without endangering the lives of his unit any further. Pitt and his crew are faced with enormous odds as they must hold off around 500 soldiers. The trailer concludes with tank vs. tank action, which looks great.



“Fury” is set to deploy to theaters on November 14th, 2014

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