'Premature' Red-Band Trailer: 'American Pie' Meets 'Groundhog Day'

John Karna & Carlson Young in 'Premature'American Pie may be the most well known high school coming of age movie. It really captures the teen life well while adding the fantastic humor. Groundhog Day is one of the best movies (of its genre) ever. We have seen movies about the ‘repeat day’ thing, but none better than how this movie captures that concept. How about a combination of the two? Premature is basically their child, it may not be as good but it will sure as hell be entertaining. It has it’s first trailer. 

The movie is about a high school student losing his virginity, only he hasn’t gotten it right yet. He is reliving that day and moment over and over again until he gets it right.

It sounds cheesy and maybe not worth watching, but this can easily be a guilty pleasure to some moviegoers and one of those sneaky comedies that can end up being good. I know if I get the chance to see it in theaters, I’ll definitely be going. Otherwise I will be looking for it to hit at home. Check out the red-band trailer below, which has some pretty good comedic moments.

via JoBlo Movie Trailers

Premature will open in select theaters on July 2nd, 2014. Starring John Karna, Alan Tudyk, Craig Roberts, Carlson Young, Autumn Dial, Zoe Myers, Steve Coulter, Parisa Johnston, Katie Kneeland, Adam Riegler, and Cara Mantella.

'Premature' Poster


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