Jason Segel & Cameron Diaz Make a Sex Tape

Jason Segel & Cameron Diaz in 'Sex Tape'Over the years, both Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz have made some really solid movies. They even teamed up for one called Bad Teacher, didn’t turn out to be everyones favorite – me included. They are back together again, this time around making a sex tape in the new red band trailer for Sex Tape. 

Official synopsis: After making a sex tape to spice up their marriage, a couple wakes up to discover that the tape has been uploaded to the cloud. Now in a frantic state, they must do everything they can to retrieve the video back before they are exposed a little more than what they bargained for.

via MOVIES Coming Soon

Jason Segel is a given, the guy is flat out hilarious. But I’m not sold on Cameron Diaz yet in comedies. I just haven’t like the past couple comedy roles she has done. So overall, I’ll go watch the movie but I do not have very high expectations for it.

Sex Tape opens on July 18th, 2014. Starring Jason Segel, Cameron Diaz, Rob Corddry, Rob Lowe, Ellie Kemper, Randall Park, and Jack Black.

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