‘Edge of Tomorrow’ Review

Edge of Tomorrow


“Edge of Tomorrow” stars Tom Cruise as Colonel Cage, a military officer who has no business being near a battlefield between soldiers and aliens. Cage’s job is being the advertising face of the technology that soldiers use to fight off an invasion of aliens. After a set of unfortunate circumstances, Cage finds himself on the front lines of a battle that could be a turning point of the costly alien war. After being killed within minutes of landing in the war zone, Cage suddenly wakes up to the starting point of his war deployment. Caught in a time loop which were powers that he inherited from an alien, Cage re-lives the same horrific battle scenario everyday. It’s when he comes across the most dangerous special forces warrior Rita Vrataski (Emily Blunt), that Cage realizes he’s their only chance at winning. Having once had the powers herself, Rita decides to train Cage into becoming a skilled fighter. Soon the two set a mission of their own to find a way to end this war, no matter times Cage has to die.

Prior to watching this movie during it’s second week of release, I watched it get destroyed at the box office the week prior unfortunately. For that, I look to the marketing for this film. Through it all I was always optimistic for this film, but the trailers don’t do any favors for just how great this film is. The performances, the effects, the dialogue, the action, the development, everything about it was so good.


Starting with the set up that leads to Cruise’s deployment situation we see him in during the trailers. Tom Cruise made the entire set up work. Getting away from the dangerous and skilled fighter we’re use to seeing him in and being this almost cowardly man in a uniform. Cruise’s performance is very convincing and because of that the development of his character works. What I didn’t expect was the amount of humor throughout the film from Cruise. There are plenty of funny moments, including the many death scenes and revival his character.


 I’m sorry but Emily Blunt in this film is the reason why I want a girl who can do yoga.

 Emily Blunt gave a terrific performance as Rita Vrataski, the fierce warrior leader and symbol of hope for the war. It’s easy to assume that Cruise’s character would be the hero and Blunt’s character the one who is carried, but that’s not the case this time. When Blunt is on the screen there is no question which one is the experienced and skilled fighter. That is no easy task when you have a veteran actor like Cruise by you. Some of my favorite parts in the film is watching her take advantage of Cage’s power and him begging her not to kill him.

As far as the supporting cast goes, I have one name to praise and that name is Bill Paxton. His character, Master Sergeant Farell was so damn good. A lot of Paxton’s scenes included Cruise and Paxton played well off him. As Cruise’s character began to relive the same day almost to the point of completely memorizing it’s events, it was Paxton’s reaction that help make each repeated day entertaining.


What makes “Edge of Tomorrow” so good is that the story makes sense and it doesn’t get too tangled up in explaining itself. The aliens are here because of this. We are using this technology to fight because it kills them. They don’t do this certain thing because in their hundreds of attempts it doesn’t work. I continue to love Director Doug Liman‘s work and give him much praise for a well balanced sci-fi film. “Edge of Tomorrow” may look like a sci-fi rip off in the trailers but it’s result is far from that. If you get a chance to watch this film during this busy summer season, please do.


I’m giving “Edge of Tomorrow” a 9/10


For those of you who watched “Edge of Tomorrow” please express your thoughts with us below!

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