Match-Up: Better Movie Year, 1977 or 1984?

'Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope' BannerOver the long, long history of cinema we have seen some very good years and some very bad years. Every once in a while, we get one of those years where we just sit back and say wow. Many debate that there are less than a handful of years that deserve that title, let’s discuss it a little bit here. 

1977 was the very first of the ‘best movie years ever’ saying. That is the time where movies absolutely took off, from the ideas to special effects. But of course, there is that number that tops the years list, here they are.

  • Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope
  • Saturday Night Fever
  • Annie Hall
  • Close Encounters of the Third Kind
  • Smokey and the Bandit
  • The Spy Who Loved Me
  • Slap Shot
  • A Bridge Too Far
  • Julia

John Travolta in 'Saturday Night Fever'Obviously the one that stands out is Star Wars. It changed the way movies would be made and thought about for years and years, still to this day – it easily considered one of the greatest movies ever made. But behind that, look at that list. John Travolta’s Saturday Night Fever is a iconic film of that era. If you haven’t seen it, then you need to asap. Annie Hall, one of Woody Allen’s best ever – a romantic comedy that will continue to inspire forever. Close Encounters of the Third Kind from Steven Spielberg, I don’t even have to say anything about that. Then throw in Smokey and the Bandit and a James Bond flick – how can that year not be considered one of the best ever?

Arnold Schwarzenegger in 'The Terminator' 1984 was a year that displayed all kinds. Each genre was represented and represented well. You rarely see a year that has each kind of movie out there, on top of the movie being good. Some of Hollywood’s most memorable and iconic films come from this year, but is it an overall better year than the previous?

  • The Terminator
  • Ghostbusters
  • Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
  • Police Academy 
  • A Nightmare on Elm Street
  • Sixteen Candles
  • Gremlins
  • Footloose
  • The NeverEnding Story

Harrison Ford in 'Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom'Again, the obvious standout is Arnold’s The Terminator, which kick started an action frenzy like no other for many years to come. But look at the genre representations below that one. You’ve got comedy with Ghostbusters and Police Academy. Sci-fi/fantasy with The Terminator and Ghostbusters. Indiana Jones and The NeverEnding Story throwing in the adventure. Horror from The Nightmare on Elm Street and Gremlins. Even music and romantic are there with Sixteen Candles and Footlose. 1984 is one of the maybe two years off the top of my head that has every movie genre represented so well. That list has some pretty damn good movies that should never be forgotten.

When it comes to comparing anything, it is always an opinion. There is never right or wrong answer, everyone will have different reasons and different says. My opinion? I’d go with 1977 for one reason, Star Wars. Yeah, 1984’s top three on that list crush it, but Star Wars is THE movie for me. I grew up watching it and never looked back. What it did not just for ideas of sci-fi genre, but all movies in general. It changed the movie world and became the bar everyone has been trying to reach ever since.

What’s your favorite year between these two? Any movies you can think of that aren’t on the list? What’s your favorite year of all-time? Comment below!

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