Rogen & Franco vs. Kim Jong-Un

Earlier this year I got to read a brief synopsis on each comedy film coming out this year. Out of all the comedies releasing this year, “The Interview” starring Seth Rogen and James Franco was by far the most interesting and curious one for me. Two comedian actors who have given us some great comedies in recent years assigned with a mission of killing the most annoying and not intimidating country leader today. For several reasons (without any production stills, posters or trailers released) this film already had my money. It’s the second directorial for Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen, who last year brought us the highly successful and hilarious “This Is The End”. Also two leads in the film, Franco and Rogen have been great when starring in projects together including “Pineapple Express”. Finally, I’m not a fan of Kim Jong-Un as a person or dictator. I love what the internet had done with turning his pictures into memes. And now have an official poster and trailer for “The Interview”.

Considering who is involved in the film, it was assumed that the trailer would offer a lot of jokes and one liners. What we get instead is lengthy teaser informing casual audiences that the film is about two established comedians assigned to take out an unpopular dictator. I did enjoy the sort of serious tone of the trailer, with a bit of comedy thrown in here and there. After all, the CIA is sending two unqualified people on a dangerous mission. The trailer definitely highlights the lovable dialogue and chemistry between Franco and Rogen. It did not give away too many funny moments like another recent comedy that’s out in theaters. The studio is definitely banking on the success of the film’s stars. Of course between now and it’s October release date, I’m sure we’ll get one or two more trailers revealing more funny moments for those who weren’t impressed with this teaser.



“The Interview” comes out in theaters October 10th, 2014



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