Rumor: DC Universe Planned Through 2018

'New 52' Justice LeagueLast year at Comic-Con, the movie/superhero world exploded with the announcement of Batman vs. Superman. Playing as a Man of Steel 2 but also introducing a new version of Batman as well. Since then we know that Zack Snyder is the godfather of the DCU, Batman vs. Superman is now titled Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, the movie will introduce key members of the Justice League for eventual spin-offs, and this movie will lead straight into a Justice League movie in 2017. Well, now there’s more, a lot more!

There is a schedule floating around for the Warner Bros. part of Comic-Con this year and it’s a damn doozy. It shows the potential movies that that Warner Bros. and DC could have scheduled through 2018. There are definitely some shockers on and off the list.

  • Batman V Superman – May, 2016
  • Shazam – July, 2016
  • Sandman – December, 2016
  • Justice League – May, 2017
  • Wonder Woman – July, 2017
  • Flash/Green Lantern Team-Up, December, 2017
  • Man of Steel 2 – May, 2018

Take this with a grain of salt for right now because this is only a rumor as of now. This can be completely true or completely false, we won’t know until Comic-Con. But for good measures, let’s break this down.

'Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice' Official LogoWe have known about Batman V Superman for a while and we know it’s coming. But what adds from this list is the last movie, if this is true and Man of Steel 2 is truly coming in 2018, then this without a doubt guarantees that what we will get in 2016 is a introduction movie for the Justice League – pushing those thoughts of it being Man of Steel 2 away (we got that from the official title). We have also know for a while that Sandman is in development with Joseph Gordon-Levitt at the helm. Also, ever since the announcement of the casting of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, a solo film for the female superhero seemed like a no-brainer.

'New 52' ShazamThere are three shockers on this list. First, Shazam. Now Shazam is definitely one of the most powerful and popular, but that coming before a JLA movie? What does that mean? Also, could this be the unspecified role that Jason Mamoa has officially signed on for? Or could this be the rumored role that Dwayne Johnson has been saying he’s on talks for?

'New 52' Flash & Green Lantern.Next is the Flash/Green Lantern Team-Up film, which makes complete sense. One, if you’ve read the comics you know that these two are best friends and fight together a lot. Two, they may be popular in the comics but not the movies and putting them together would only destroy the box office. These two characters are core members of the JLA and if this is true, this will be the first ever incarnation of Flash in a movie and a complete new one of Green Lantern (rumor says Ryan Reynolds won’t be back). With the new Flash TV show coming to The CW this fall, will we see two seperate characters and universes or maybe they will be played by the same actor? For the Green Lantern, we’ve heard rumors for a while now that Warner Bros./DC want to go new with the green guardian and go with the John Stewart character after the Hal Jordan failure. Could this be the role that Dwayne Johnson is reportedly in talks for? It gets my vote!

Ben Affleck as BatmanThe last shock is the fact that Ben Affleck’s Batman isn’t on the list. He is obviously a huge huge part of Snyder’s plans for this universe.To me this is saying one of two things. One, we won’t see a solo Batfleck movie until at least 2018, following the introduction of all these first time movie versions of these characters. Two, possibly could this version of Batman kind of ‘oversee’ the Justice League and jump from movie to movie on top of doing a solo? Because a Batman solo reboot would be a sure bet wouldn’t it? Maybe Snyder has big, big plans for this version of the dark knight.

Other movies rumored to be in development for Warner Bros. and DC – Aquaman, DeathstrokeJustice League Dark, and Suicide Squad.

All we know as of now is that we are for sure getting Batman V Superman and Justice League in the next three years. For this list above, it’s all rumors and speculations right now. I for one believe in this list, it makes total sense with the set up. But for now, let the speculation and rumor mill go!

What are your thoughts on these rumors and the list above? Stay tuned for more information soon!


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