The Return of Harry & Lloyd is Dumber Than Ever!

Jim Carrey & Jeff Daniels in 'Dumb and Dumber To'Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels both have a ton of roles and movies that can be remembered for years to come. But for both of them, although they each have incredible performances outside of it, the roles of Lloyd and Harry in Dumb and Dumber twenty years ago just seemed to put the stamp on Hollywood. Well, they are back. After only a few photos and posters, we FINALLY get our first look at this dumb duo!

via CBMTrailers

I absolutely loved the original. I grew up on about ten movies through a twelve year period and Dumb and Dumber was one of them. How can you not love or at least like it? Now I get to see a sequel, count me in! There’s no freaking way I won’t be seeing it.

Dumb and Dumber To opens on November 14th, 2014. Directed by Bobby and Peter Farrelly and starring Jim Carrey, Jeff Daniels, Kathleen Turner, Laurie Holden, and Rob Riggle.

P.S. – that last scene!

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