5 Favorites: Tom Cruise Performances

In honor of Tom Cruise’s new film Edge of Tomorrow now in theaters, I want to revisit my favorite performances from the actor. Cruise is one of my favorite actors and at age 51 his career is still flying high. From the “still dangerous Navy Pilot” to the “humbled Sports Agent” here are my five favorite Tom Cruise performances.


1. Minority Report (2002) – Chief John Anderton


Cruise is great in this epic sci-fi thriller. Fighting for his innocence in a futuristic justice system he’s long worked for. The heavy but excellent visual effects don’t impact Cruise’s performance. Gotta give credit to Director Steven Spielberg for getting the best out of him.


2. Jerry Maguire (1996) – Jerry Maguire


I have a love for sports movies and this was one of the first ones I ever watched. Cruise’s character is funny, ambitious, and very energetic. His classic one liners include “SHOW ME THE MONEY”, “Help me, help you!” and of course “You complete me”.


3. Collateral (2004) – Vincent


This was my first time seeing Cruise in a villain role and boy is he great in it. Just his look in the film with the white hair is very sinister looking. Cruise is that professional, intelligent, keep to the schedule, kind of Hitman that will get into peoples heads especially his co-star Jamie Foxx. Most of the film takes place inside a Taxi Cab, but with Cruise’s talent on full display it doesn’t hurt the film.


4. Top Gun (1986) – Maverick


How could I not have Cruise’s Maverick as one of my favorites? The film is carried by the young Cruise’s charisma. Maverick is a skilled and cocky Navy pilot. When he’s in the air he’s very dangerous, displayed by the film’s well shot aerial combat fights. It’s because Cruise is still giving great performances and his rumored role that I’m excited for the long overdue sequel.


5. Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (2011) – Ethan Hunt


Probably my favorite film out of the Mission Impossible franchise. This is Tom Cruise’s franchise, there is no Mission Impossible without Cruise. In Ghost Protocol, Cruise’s Ethan Hunt character is the right amount of everything. His performance is also boosted by a great cast, but Cruise clearly takes charge in every scene he is in.



There are my favorite Tom Cruise performances. If there are performances from Cruise that you like that aren’t on here please share with us below! There are so many. Look for our “Edge of Tomorrow” review coming a little later. Thanks for reading!



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