Set Photos: It Made the Kessel Run in Less Than Twelve Parsecs!

'Star Wars: Episode VII' LogoHold your excitement Star Wars fans! Photos have been released of what looks like the set of this upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII from a few months ago or more recently. And you’re in for a treat, two of the most iconic things we know and love about Star Wars looks like they will return! Han Solo’s legendary and just awesome ship the Millennium Falcon and the Rebel Fighter X-Wing!

Now these could be photos from a very, very long time ago. But I believe that these have to be now because that alien looking pig also showed up in Abu Dhabi from photos yesterday. Which means… Guys, the Millennium Falcon is returning!! Hopefully that comes along with the original cast sitting in the same positions from the originals saga; that scene we all remember, I know I do.

Star Wars: Episode VII along with the Millennium Falcon is due out December 18th, 2015 starring Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher alongside a whole bunch of new cast members.

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