Review: Godzilla

Godzilla Poster‘Let them fight.’

When the emergence of two god-like creatures threaten our very existence, the worlds most legendary monster is awakened to restore balance to nature.

Godzilla is one of the most popular and loved stories out there. Since the 1950’s, there have been many incarnations of this monster.  Being only 22, I have only had the opportunity to watch the 1998 disaster titled Godzilla. But now, we get a complete rebuild of this beloved creature and his story. Godzilla (2014) director Gareth Edwards at this point has only done small budget projects, but was given the incredible opportunity to do his first big budget project on Godzilla. Let me just say he loved up to the legend.

With every movie there is always positives and negatives, no movie is perfect. For Godzilla (2014), there are many many positives that made this movie a huge hit. First off, the story line/plot was phenomenal and made perfect sense. Trying to not give any spoilers away, but from the human character stories to how and why the monsters are there was a real plus for this film. Sometimes you watch a movie and you are kind of questioning why that is there or why that happens, but honestly throughout the movie it made sense. It made sense why Ford Brody (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) and other human characters were where they were, it made sense what the monsters were and what they were after – it was a real joy to watch the movie and just feel the flow of the movie. The next plus is the best and most obvious, the visual effects couldn’t have been better. It’s pretty hard to CGI three 140 story monsters along with them fighting, jet planes, bombs, and everything else thats included in this movie. But it’s all just beautiful to look at, especially Godzilla himself. There is so much detail on Godzilla that makes him so enjoyable to look at and watch, it’s just awesome.

The best part about this movie (aside from the epic fight sequences) is that we get to see Godzilla be the anti-hero like he should be. The old tales of this historic monster always have him, not being the good guy per say, but always doing the right thing. In this remake, even though he brings absolute disaster and destruction to San Francisco, he is trying to bring balance back to the world, almost protecting the human race.

Now I have three problems with this remake and two of them fall into the same category. First off, the character development wasn’t up to par like it should have been. With an incredible cast including Bryan Cranston, Aaron-Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth Olson, and others – there was just no time put aside for any development of these characters. Which leads to my next point, the only character who had some sort of development was Cranston’s character (SPOILER), but he was killed off in the first 20 minutes… Which I personally didn’t understand, you have an actor like Cranston and he is underutilized. Once he dies, his character and what he did in the movie literally had no meaning anymore. If his character was taken out of the movie, the story kind of wouldn’t have changed one bit, except for the fact that it planted his son in Japan. Another underutilization of a phenomenal talent was Elizabeth Olson. I was really looking forward to seeing her do some damage in the film and truly showing us her stuff. But she unfortunately became the worrying wife almost the entire move. Now I get that her husband is gone and she’s a nurse while trying to keep safe her kid and find her husband, but he character could have been used for a better purpose. It would have really added that much more depth to the movie.

Even with mishaps that Godzilla (2014) had, the positives out way the negatives in my opinion. Once we heard about this remake, we all have been waiting for it to stomp into theaters. I’ve got to say that it definitely succeeded in wowing a ton of people, myself included. When we see a Godzilla movie, we want to see badass fight scenes between these towering monsters and that’s exactly what we got. We also got a pretty decent human point of view as well, adding to the suspense and plot for the movie. Overall, Godzilla (2014) does major damage; being epic and exciting in a lot of ways, while also setting up the Godzilla Universe very nicely.

Rating: 8/10

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