Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

Written by Giorgio Ramos

For the longest time us film fans have been referring to the Man of Steel sequel as simply Batman vs. Superman. At Comic Con last year, Director Zack Snyder announced the untitled sequel with a famous line from the Dark Knight Returns comics and it’s logo. The famous line, which gave Snyder inspiration, teased that the two most iconic heroes in comic books, Batman and Superman were finally gonna face off, let alone for the first time be in a film together. Since that announcement we have gotten news on the superhero/villain castings for a Batman, Lex Luthor, Wonder Woman, and Cyborg with many more to come in the future. Prior to this article I been speculating if this film will be more of a set up of Justice League rather than true a sequel for the Man of Steel character. Now that we have an official title for the Man of Steel sequel, we now know a little more about this event film.

The official title of the Man of Steel sequel along with an official logo.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice


“Wow” is all I can say. Warner Bros. studios needed a title that fit what they intend to do with this film and one that’s worthy enough for two legendary comic book characters. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice definitely does all that. The title tells me that Batman and Superman will most definitely go toe to toe, something all of us film fans pretty much knew. It’s also a title that will sell to general audiences who don’t follow the film’s updates and aren’t familiar with The Dark Knight Returns comics. But I want to talk about the words Dawn of Justice and what a subtitle like that tells me for Warner Bros. intentions. It’s no secret that the studio wants to turn the DC comic book properties into a cinematic universe.

Dawn of Justice has several meanings starting off with the word Dawn. Do you recall in the film ‘The Dark Knight’ when Harvey Dent tells the media “The night is darkest as just before the dawn“? I only ask so that you can apply that phrase to this film. Things will get ugly in the beginning for the Caped Crusader and the Man of Steel, as they confront each other to settle their differences. Before the light of justice can shine it must overcome the darkness. Their different views on the meaning of Justice. The word Justice tells me two things. Our two heroes will find a way to work together and be a  part of something bigger than themselves. Also, that the Justice League is coming which is kinda obvious when looking at the casting news. Yes, title itself is a mouth full but so are plenty of films these days, especially comic book films.


Regardless of how you may feel about the way this film is shaping up, you gotta admire Zack Snyder & co. for taking their time to get everything right. Even with fans of the DC Comics negatively criticizing most of the casting (Affeck, Gadot, Eisenberg) and how the upcoming Man of Steel sequel will potentially feature/focus on less Superman. What we have gotten so far shows Director Snyder, Writer David S. Goyer and the rest of the studio’s intent on giving the DC properties it’s justice as far as film adaptations. We all have a pretty good idea of what the plot will be about, but until we get an official release from the studio very little is certain.

Batman V Superman comes out in theaters May 6, 2016

What do you think of the official title and logo? Have you liked what little you’ve seen so far? Express your thoughts below! Thanks for reading.

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