'Batman vs. Superman' Gets an Official Title

Warner Bros., DC, and Zack Snyder have finally released the official title along with the official movie logo for the Man of Steel follow-up movie – Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Sticking with the Bats vs. Supes idea but adding the Dawn of Justice is an obvious nod that we will see the introduction of characters and/or the formation of the JL at some point in the movie. So in other words, the movie could just be titled Dawn of Justice. 

'Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice' Official Logo

I personally loved Batman vs. Superman because I liked the idea of having the two single most popular and powerful superheroes out there going head to head for a whole movie. Plus, the addition of a new Bruce Wayne/Batman and the very first movie version of Wonder Woman already seemed like a lot, but I bought it because it seemed like the perfect opportunity to fast forward into a JL movie. Instead it seems we will be getting the introduction of every character (hero and non-hero identity) Snyder wants for his Justice League movie, just the back end of the name reveals that. As of now the rumors are along with Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman – we will see Green Lantern, Aquaman, and Cyborg if all rumors are true.

It also seems that the rumor of having the JL come together for the final scene to fight a major threat was true, leaving no time to give back story or solo films for each character. This is where I become a skeptic, yes Snyder has proven that he can put a lot into two and half hours, but a Justice League movie has never been done before and some of these characters have never been put on screen before. Yeah, it may work because it’s the JL on the big screen, but in my mind it’s being completely rushed and to much (5 more characters) is being jammed into a span of two movies. I hope I’m wrong for DC’s sake and I hope that not just Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice can prove me wrong, but Justice League as well.

Filming on the highly anticipated superhero flick in now underway and set for a release date of May 6th, 2016.

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