Avatar Resurrection

Written By Giorgio Ramos

“You are not in Kansas anymore, you are on Pandora…”

And so because we are on Pandora and not Earth, things like losing too much blood from a serious wound or two giant arrows in the chest no longer means certain death.

Col. death

Those two examples were what actually happened to Sigourney Weaver’s and Stephen Lang’s characters in the film Avatar. Both deaths impacted the film in powerful ways. Weaver’s Dr. Grace Augustine character was one of the few humans who cared for the Na’vi and saw the potential in learning from each other. Lang’s Colonel Miles Quaritch character was a battle hardened military leader who was not to be messed with. His focus became less about the consequences of war and more on destruction.

ColonelDr. Grace

Recent reports suggest both Lang and Weaver’s characters will be back for the upcoming Avatar sequels. Though not much is known as to just how both characters will come back, Weaver teased a bit of info on her character’s return. In a brief conversation with Vulture, Weaver talked a bit about her character Grace transforming into what we assumed to be a Avatar/Na’vi. As for Lang’s Colonel Quaritch character, it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to go the clone route.

I’m totally fine with both characters coming back for the future sequels only because I know Director/Writer/Creator James Cameron will make sense of all this. It’s not like these characters were just side characters with minor impacts. Both performances were incredible and somewhat memorable. Although, this does hurt the future sequels in a way which whatever deaths may occur, we as an audience might not know how to feel about it.


Me personally, I wouldn’t mind having that Na’vi sidekick dude back who told Jake Sulley “I will fly with you“. Talk about ride or die. As long as Michelle Rodriguez doesn’t come back. It’s not that I don’t love the actress, but bringing her back as well would just be too much. Besides we have already seen her come back in the Fast & Furious franchise, which I’m totally cool with.


Are you excited to hear that Sigourney Weaver & Stephen Lang will be coming back to the franchise? Express your thoughts on the article and Avatar franchise below! Thanks for reading.

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