New Batsuit and Batmobile revealed

Written by Giorgio Ramos

When Batman vs Superman was announced at Comic Con last year, fans have been eagerly waiting for bits and pieces of news about the film. The casting of Ben Affleck as Batman was met with not so exciting reactions. However, now that the Batman casting news had time to sit with fans I have noticed a more open minded judgement from fans. Many people, fans or not, are beginning to realize Affleck is not the same person since Gigli with his streak of hit films starting with Gone Baby Gone. Regardless of how people in the social media express their thoughts on the new Batman, I’m very excited for this new version of the caped crusader. All that being said, the director of the upcoming Batman vs Superman Zack Snyder has released a new image showing what’s believed to be Affleck in the Batsuit standing next to a new Batmobile.


The costume looks to be inspired from the Frank Miller The Dark Knight Returns comic. It’s very fitting for a Batman who will be at least 40 years old and retired. This version of the Batsuit is something different and also fits within Snyder’s style. Affleck’s Batman definitely looks like he can brawl, which given the right tools (kryptonite) can give Superman an interesting fight. As for the Batmobile, what can I say that others haven’t. It’s the best of both worlds, part tumblr from Nolan’s trilogy and definitely has a bit of old school. This version of The Dark Knight looks like it could be the best yet.

What are your thoughts on the new Batsuit and Batmobile? Express your thoughts below! Thanks for reading.

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