Review: Man of Steel

'Man of Steel' PosterSuperman is back, this time bigger than ever. Man of Steel stories the beginnings of the Kansas farm boy Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) searching for who he really is. Soon learning that he is destined to be the worlds greatest superhero, now known as Superman, he is pushed to his limits and tested in every possible way to not only show everyone, but himself if he is the true hero the world needs.

I’m going to start off by saying this, I have never really been a big Superman fan. Although he does have weakness, he just seems to be unbeatable to anyone. But being the big movie and ‘superhero cinematic universe’ fan that I am, I brushed up on my Superman information as soon as I heard about Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel. And u can now say that I am still not a fan at all of Christopher Reeve’s movies back in the day, but the show Smallville and the Superman DC animated movies have really gotten me interested in this Kryptonian.

As soon as the first trailer promo came out for this movie, I was instantly and eagerly waiting to see this. With each photo, TV spot, interview, and trailer I was getting more and more excited to the point where it eventually took my top spot in my Most Anticipated of 2013. Well, it definitely lived up to the spot and hype and is easily, in my mind, the greatest Superman movie ever filmed.

We all know Clark Kent/Superman’s origin, where he’s from, and what he is. But never have we been given such critical detail and explanation on the big screen. With Russell Crowe playing the Kryptonian Father of Kal-El, he is able to give us an strong, intriguing, and somewhat savvy father who is trying to point his son in the right direction. And for the first time ever, we are able to see face to face contact of Jor-El and Kal-El. And luckily for us, we are able to see the on screen father-son chemistry of Crowe and Cavill, even if it was short lived.

For this being about a super powered alien living among us, we know the High octane action we’re going to get. From the very opening scene of Krypton, we get a stellar film with not just intense and highly entertaining fight scenes, but very emotional and relatable fighting between Superman, the infamous General Zod (Michael Shannon), and his followers.

I don’t want to give away any good spoilers, but what makes Man of Steel stand alone from the rest is what’s within the movie. Yes, we get to see Clark Kent learn his origin, see Superman kick some serious ass, Lois Lane (Amy Adams), well be Lois Lane, and see the world marvel and what they are seeing. But, yet have we seen a superhero movie that opens a universe open so big that not even Superman can stop it if he wanted to. We are given easter egg after easter egg throughout the film that has gotten every fanboy within us jumping for joy because we all know what it means and what is coming.

I don’t think I need to say much about this, but the cast assembled for this epic was chosen so perfectly is pretty unreal. Henry Cavill as Clark Kent/Superman was easily one of the best choices any superhero crew has ever made. Then surrounding him by his birth father played by Russell Crowe, Earth Parents Jonathan (Kevin Costner) and Martha Kent (Diane Lane), Michael Shannon as the Kryptonian War Lord Zod, Amy Adams as the always eager Lois Lane, and Laurence Fishburne as the Daily Planets Perry White, how can it not be awesomely awesome?

Man of Steel isn’t just the Superman movie we have all been waiting for, it is the DC Universe movie we’ve all be waiting for. It’s exhilarating, phenomenal, and an instant crowd pleaser. And although it was the blockbuster movie we were all hoping for, there are things people won’t like. Particularly what happens at the end of the film, which has become very controversial. I’m not going to say anything to spoil, but I will say that we see a complete new side to our hero. A hero that will change the way we see him and the universe around him.

Rating: 8/10

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