‘Draft Day’ Review

Written by Giorgio Ramos

Draft Day

The day of the NFL Draft has arrived. General Manager of the Cleveland Browns Sonny Weaver is given an opportunity to rebuild his team after a disappointing season when he trades for the number one pick in the draft. As much pressure as Sonny receives from the city of Cleveland and executives in the Browns organization to get this NFL Draft right, Sonny is also confronted with unexpected personal problems and must find balance on this important life changing  day. With the power to change the lives of few out of hundreds of young talented NFL prospects, Sonny must decide what he is willing to sacrifice not just to satisfy the city but to do what’s best for it’s franchise.

The film takes place over the course of one day, ‘Draft Day’. What I loved about this film is that it shows the people outside of the organization, fans of the sport and audiences just what these general managers are put through on the day of the draft. What they do on that day determines the future of the franchise, the job security of people within the organization, and the lives of these young talented players. ‘Draft Day’ had little to do with football games being played, rather showing those games on film that’s analyzed by Costner and his staff and connecting it with just how these franchises choose who to draft.

Draft Day- Costner Leary

The film stars Kevin Costner as General Manager Sonny Weaver, who gave an excellent performance and really carries the film on it’s slow moments. The films supporting cast includes Jennifer Garner, Dennis Leary, and Frank Langella who all really play well off Costner, especially Leary as Coach Penn. The standout for me was Chadwick Boseman (42) as Vontae Mack, a high draft prospect who doesn’t want to get overlooked.

This being a film highlighting the NFL brand there were plenty of NFL cameos. From players like Arian Foster and T.J. Ward to former players like Jim Brown, Ray Lewis and Terry Crews to NFL analysts and even random cameos from people like Sean “Diddy” Combs.

Part of the film was actually shot during last years NFL Draft Day in Radio City Music Hall, so it was nice to see the film’s climax take place where the actual NFL Draft is taken place every year. A lot of the time leading up to the actual NFL Draft involves General Manager’s talking to each other in regards to trading picks. I liked how the film showed this, also giving a shot of each city’s football stadium who’s team was involved in the film.

NFL Draft

There were problems with this film, it’s certainly no MoneyBall or Jerry Maguire. For example, I felt like when the film went back and forth between Costner’s football business and personal life issues it felt unbalanced at times by focusing too much on one part of the story more than the other. Also the final sequence during the draft fell short of what the entire film was building towards. Still as a football fan, I was getting just as excited as I do when my favorite team is about to announce their draft pick.

In conclusion, I enjoyed ‘Draft Day’ very much. The performances were great and very convincing. As a football fan, this film gets me even more excited for football season and also gives those who aren’t  fans a familiarity of how the process works and what these organizations go through on ‘Draft Day. The NFL has become such a major sport in American culture and is only getting bigger.

I give ‘Draft Day’ an 8/10.

Did you see ‘Draft Day’, if so express what you thought of the film? Also as a football fan (49ers), share your NFL favorite team with us!



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  1. Nice review Giorgio. When it sticks to the draft itself, it’s actually pretty entertaining. But everything else, as much as I hate to say it, just didn’t even need to be included at all whatsoever.

    • Thank you sir! It’s only the second time I’ve done one. Yeah, everything non football related. Only explanation I could come up with is maybe the film tried to show that as much as GM’s in the league would like everything to go smooth on Draft Day and focus on just business, the only way to do so sometimes is to tackle any personal issues hanging over your head. Especially since the issue seems to involve the very person you work with. But yeah it could have been much done better.

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