Brad Pitt & war movies

Written by Giorgio Ramos

Brad Pitt has recently signed on to star and produce in  ‘The Operators’. The film is based off  the 2012 book “The Operators: The Wild and Terrifying Inside Story of America’s War in Afghanistan”, written by the late Journalist Michael Hastings. Brad Pitt will star as General Mc Chrystal, who is known for badmouthing the White House and its handling of the war in Afghanistan.

‘Fury’ (below) comes out November 14, 2014


‘The Operators’ marks the 4th war film that Brad Pitt has starred in since 2009 (if you include World WAR z) and 5th in his acting career. He has yet another war film coming out later this year called ‘Fury’, where he plays a battle hardened Army sergeant named “Wardaddy” who commands a Sherman Tank and five men into battle behind enemy lines in Nazi, Germany. It’s clear that Pitt has a passion and interest for this genre of film. What strikes me as “odd” are peoples complaints toward Brad Pitt and the projects that he chooses to be apart of, specifically with all these war films. Let’s talk about that.

In my point of view, Brad Pitt is at that age and point in his career where he can choose what projects he wants to be apart of. He has that kind of talent and star power. I understand if you want to see the Academy Award winner do different roles. The thing is, he’s already an established veteran actor, he doesn’t have to.

Inglorious Basterds


Every war film Brad Pitt is in, his performance is great and that probably made whatever film of his that you thought was mediocre, better. In ‘Legends of the Fall’, his performance along with Anthony Hopkins were the best things about that movie. The film ‘Inglorious Bastards’, Pitt along with everyone else carried out Tarantino’s vision perfectly. But something about Pitt’s character made me want to join his crew of Basterds, if I was in that time. World War Z, which I consider a film about a war between humanity’s survival and well… zombies, Brad Pitt’s performance was great. In a lot of people eyes, it held the movie together, which had plenty of problems in production. To be honest, if he wasn’t in the movie I probably would have overlooked it as just another zombie movie. He was also the luckiest person in that film, escaping horde after horde of zombies because well he’s Brad Pitt. His upcoming film this year ‘Fury’ puts him back in Nazi Germany. In ‘Fury’, Pitt’s character name is “Wardaddy”, enough said. I can’t wait for the trailer.



All in all, if Brad Pitt wants to keep doing war films then he can go right on ahead. I say keep em coming because I enjoy every single one of them a lot!


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