The Hornet’s Nest – A documentary on the longest war in U.S. History


Written by Giorgio Ramos

Two time Emmy award winning journalist Mike Boettcher (Good Morning America) and his son Carlos Boettcher give us this unprecedented access of the deadly war zone in Afghanistan. Using real footage of U.S. Combat troops on the front lines, see the real dangers and cost of fighting The War on Terror. Directed by both David Salzberg  (long time producer on documentaries) and producer Christian Tureaud (The Perfect Game).


For anyone with a friend, relative or significant other who has served or is currently serving in the Armed Forces, this is a documentary worth watching. It’s totally understandable for some if a documentary like this is too much to bear, especially with loved ones currently serving. But for those who truly want to understand the sacrifice our U.S. Soldiers make for our freedom, sacrifice an hour and a half of your time for this.


These days we only read articles in the newspapers and online that briefly update us on this war that is still going on. We watch the news where the stories we hear about our soldiers overseas only tell us so much and understandably so. This documentary will really take you inside to see what this deadly war zone is like that many civilians only pretend to know. I could never be more appreciative for the service of these brave men and women. I’m very interested to see this up close look at what is “The longest war in U.S. history”, which has lasted three presidential  terms and is currently in it’s fourth.

The Hornet’s Nest comes out May 9, 2014

If you have any friends or relatives that have served or are currently serving, please share.

Check out the trailer below!

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