Sylvester Stallone turned down $300,000 so he could be Rocky

Written by Giorgio Ramos

I read a story like this a few months back, actually as a rumor. Though I thought the story was the most inspiring thing I’ve read in awhile, I took it with a grain of salt. Boy am I glad it turned out to be a true story.


During an interview on Monday’s episode of the Today Show, legendary action star Sylvester Stallone revealed he was offered $300,000 from producers for his script to Rocky. Let’s not forget that around the time Rocky was released (1976) the equivalent value of $300,000 then is $1.5 million dollars today. Back around that time Sylvester Stallone only had around $100 dollars in his bank. Producers were so convinced that they would rather have a recognizable star play the part of Rocky, rather than Stallone. Eventually after a long hold out the producers decided to allow Stallone to star in his own movie, which went on to earn 3 academy awards in ’76, including Best Picture.

Rocky 4

In a time when Sylvester Stallone needed money, he never gave in and never gave up. Showing courage and self confidence that he was the best person to play Rocky, it certainly paid off not only for the studio but for him and his future. Just goes to show it’s okay for studios to take risks and not always have play it safe. You never know could happen.

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