Possibility of a new Purge movie every year

Written by Giorgio Ramos

It looks like the annual Purge that takes place in the movie “The Purge” could actually happen in real life. No, I’m not talking about the once a year event, where during a 12 hour period all crime is legal including murder, but a Purge movie coming out every year. It’s certainly possible for several reasons. In an interview with Collider, Blumhouse Productions head Jason Blum shined some light on the potential of The Purge becoming a franchise. But I want to dig a little deeper on this potential and why it could work.

Purge Sign

For one, the concept of the story for The Purge offers so many possibilities to tell different stories in different parts of the country. They practically have a list of different kinds of places and people they could make the story around. If done right, this franchise can be as successful as say Fast & Furious and not suffer like (in my opinion) Saw or Final Destination franchises.

Another reason it could work is the budget of the films. The first Purge was done on a budget of $3 million dollars and grossed more than $60 million. The reviews weren’t so good but the first film is something they could (and I believe did) learn from as the second Purge: Anarchy looks to be better. The second film received a bigger budget but comparing to Blockbusters and the budgets they have, it’s really not much to ask for a bigger budget when doing a film like this.


Like Paranormal Activity, I can see a new film being released once a year. The Purge actually has a more favorable story for something like this. Done right, this can be another very profitable franchise for Blumhouse Productions.


What are your thoughts on a Purge franchise? Express your thoughts below!

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