The Amazing Spider man 2 Marketing

Look Sony, I realize this upcoming Spider man film, coming out in May, will be the biggest and most honest Spider man film you have ever done. I even realize you are trying to create a cinematic universe with your one comic book property, by announcing a Sinister Six movie and a Venom movie to go along with your announced Amazing Spider man 3 & 4. So far I believe you are doing the right things, making decisions like a villain movie, something that really hasn’t been done before, bold move!


With that said, as a movie blogger I am constantly on the web keeping up with movie news and doing research to increase knowledge because I love movies. But why does it feel like every week and sometimes every other day a bit of spidey news drops in the form of a new clip, trailer, photo or rumor. It’s almost like every time another studio with an upcoming comic book film releases a new trailer or photo, a little time will pass and Sony releases something else about the upcoming Amazing Spider man 2. I understand what your doing, taking attention away and keeping the ball in your court, that’s not the problem. The problem is you have already released too much. If 3 trailers plus a final trailer, 3 movie clips, a couple Stan Lee narrated clips, photos, and even showing 33 minutes to critics so they can write more articles isn’t over marketing? There’s also a new clip of a spider man free fall released today that sparked this eagerness in me to write this. It’s only because I care, I love Spider man. Again I like to keep up to date but I will not watch or read anymore Spider Man news regarding the upcoming film, though I feel it’s too late for me. If its not a review of the film, that tends to be released two weeks before its release, I will continue scrolling through the page.


Again I understand it’s all about competition and money but you are running out of pieces to the pie. You still have my money and I know I absolutely will love this film and will still have the excitement for whatever lies ahead but I just had to rant.



The Amazing Spider Man 2 comes out May 2, 2014


-Giorgio Ramos

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