Bradley Cooper as the NEW Indiana Jones rumor shot down

My rule of thumb with rumors, especially with movie franchises owned by Disney (Star Wars), is that if the report isn’t coming from the studio itself, take it with a grain of salt.


A rumor from the Latino Review blog claimed it had a reliable source state that “if Indy 5 didn’t move forward soon, the studio will start from scratch and from the short list of potential replacements is A-lister Bradley Cooper”. Of course, this sparked a ton of discussion between movie fans everywhere, which is one good thing about rumors. But apparently the discussions/debates got so ridiculous for Indy producer Frank Marshall, that he came out on Twitter and posted the following:  “Due to the ridiculous rumors that keep popping up, like agents pipe dreams, I will stop commenting on our projects until I have real news.” Adding: “I can only confirm that Katy Perry will NOT be the new Indiana Jones.”


Honestly, this was a rumor that I would have been okay with, had it been true. I was never sold on the passing of the torch that tried to take place with Shia Labeouf in Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Not that he isn’t a good actor, he’s just not Indiana Jones. Besides even if the studio wanted to, they destroyed that route the moment they green lit production with that plot they had. But having Bradley Cooper take over the Indy character, I feel Indy fans would give more of a shot. He has the charm, humor, and heroism needed. Of course there are other actors who can be considered. The harsh truth for most Indy fans is that Disney did not buy the rights to just let the property sit there.  So a reboot/remake is definitely in their future plans. I personally wanna see Harrison Ford suit up one more time and give a proper send off.


Should Indiana Jones 5 not happen, who would you like to see take over? Let us know in the comments!


-Giorgio Ramos

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