Scarface remake has a Director


You know those movies that we love, you know the ones we can watch over and over again, that are considered classics that should never be touched? Well it seems that a new Scarface movie is on its way.  Yes, the ’83 Scarface that starred Al Pacino will soon be getting a remake once again. It’s been a priority for Universal for quite some time. Reports online say the studio is looking to have the movie focus on the world of Mexican drug cartels, while keeping the Latin American roots from the ’83 film.


Universal is in talks to have the film be directed by Pablo Larrain, a Chilean film maker who directed and co-wrote “No”, about a young ad executive who comes up with a campaign for an election to defeat a military dictator and free Chile. The film was well received by critics and pulled a 93% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Safe to say the studio loved his work on “No” and saw him as best fit. The script, which was written by Paul Attanasio (The Sum of All Fears), is set in Los Angeles and focuses on a Mexican immigrant and his rise in the criminal underworld. Though no word on any potential actors, the studio could be reaching for an unknown.


Pablo Larrain hasn’t done much work in mainstream and isn’t well known by general audiences and that includes myself, but that shouldn’t be a reason why not to consider him. I’m all for remakes, for one it’s a different time now and every generation deserves an updated take on the films that previous generations loved and enjoyed. Just my opinion. Remember, the ’83 Scarface was a remake of the 1932 film. What do you guys think about a Scarface remake? Ready to have someone else yell that famous “Say hello to my little friend”?


Comment and let us know!


-Giorgio Ramos

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