Will Smith is still a Box Office draw

Will Smith has been in the movie business for over two decades now and in that time frame has delivered a wide range of entertaining performances in a number of big blockbuster movies.  His second to latest movie featuring him (if Winter’s Tale counts), After Earth, was to many an underachiever and disappointment by Will Smith standards. While I agree it was not his best movie, it also wasn’t a terrible movie. I’ve heard a lot of people criticize the movie and in their argument put most or all of the blame on the actors of the film, father and son duo Will Smith and Jaden Smith. However, the actors can only do so much in a movie. Were there problems with their performances? Absolutely! But the overall result of the movie is not just on the actors, they do get instructed on what to do by the director. What they say is what was written in the script. And though the concept for this story was created by Will Smith, he handed it off to the studios with what I believe the conditions were M. Night Shyamalan to direct and his son to co-star in the movie. Jaden Smith is a good actor who has a VERY long way to go. That’s all I will say about him.

 After Earth

I brought up the movie After Earth because I feel that Will Smith is getting over criticized for this. I read reports online about that movie being the 1st time a movie of his did not open up number one at the box office. It’s disappointing yes, especially to him but let us not overreact. By that I mean say that the actor is washed up, a fading star, or someone who could never act and just had the looks. I remind those who use such criticism that the two time academy award nominee can very much act. I bring up movies such as Six Degrees of Separation, Ali, Seven Pounds and Pursuit of Happyness. Those four movies I thought Will Smith showed critics and audiences that he can very much act, as his performances were both moving and powerful. Two of those earning him Oscar nominations, not bad for someone who started off as a rapper.

Bad Boys

Is Will Smith still the Box Office draw he was in the past decade? My belief is yes and that all he needs is a sequel to one of his hits (Hancock, Bad Boys, Independence Day) to remind those of just how entertaining and fun he is on the big screen. Though we won’t be seeing him in the upcoming Independence Day sequels. However, a report is out that Sony executives are having screenwriter David Guggenheim (Safe House) write the script for the next Bad Boys installment, also stating “if there’s no Lawrence or Smith in the movie, there’s no point”. For those who don’t think much of Smith as an actor, that’s totally fine. Movies are subjective. But there no denying the talent the man has.

Here’s some of Will Smith’s best quotes.

-Giorgio Ramos

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