First Meetings Usually Warrant Introductions

Sean Connery

That’s a quote by Allen Quatermain, who was played by Sean Connery in the movie The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Though it was an underachieving film, I’m very glad I saw it in theaters because it would be the first and last time I got to see the great Sean Connery on the big screen. The quote itself is what the first article of this blog is all about, an introduction. Like you, we love watching and talking movies.  As do all true movie fans, we believe all movies are subjective. What you may not enjoy, perhaps others do (vice versa). Here, an open mind is kept on every piece of movie news posted, every film that is watched and one we may review. By no means are we critics or journalists,  just fans with a voice and a passion. On this blog, your opinion on what we discuss MATTERS. Your voice is just as loud as the next persons.  Movies are more than just entertainment, it’s an escape from reality. Let this blog help in finding the right escape for you.

Movie Talk Express Crew,

Giorgio Ramos & Jacob Bartley

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