Five Favorite Nicolas Cage performances

The infamous Nicolas Cage is a long time (Oscar winning) actor who gave us some excellent performances in a wide range of genres. He has also starred in some not so excellent films throughout his career, but never mind that. As a fan of Cage and most of his films, here’s my five favorite performances from him.


1. Caster Troy – Face/Off (1997)

Face Off

Cage plays both a ruthless villain and a hero fighting for his life back incredibly well.  It’s the performances more than anything that make this film!

I want his Face….Off.



2. Randall “Memphis” Raines – Gone in Sixty Seconds (2000)

Gone in Sixty Sec.

While the story isn’t as convincing, it’s Cage’s performance that is very convincing. A master car thief showing those younger kids how it’s done, old school style!

Lets Ride!




3. Damon Macready/Big Daddy –  Kick Ass (2010)

Big Daddy

I love this movie and a big part why is Cage’s character and his relationship with his daughter (Hit Girl). The caring and loving father who may look like he doesn’t believe in violence, until you endanger his life or his daughter’s.

Big Daddy Clip



4. Sgt. John McLoughlin – World Trade Center (2006)

Film Title: World Trade Center.

I’m a sucker for films where actors take on roles that honor real life heroes. Displaying real honor, courage and strength to go into a life threatening environment just to save at least one person.

You Kept Me Alive!




5. Stanley Goodspeed – The Rock (1996)


Starring opposite Sean Connery is no easy task, yet Cage as the FBI Chemical Superfreak excels doing just that. It’s a lot of fun seeing him in a hostage situation that involves our nation’s highest trained warriors facing off.


I’ll do my best…


What are your favorite Nicolas Cage performances? Let us know in the comments section. Thanks for reading!